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OleoTourism in Jaen

I live in the Jaen Province in Andalousia, Spain. Jaen is a hidden treasure in  European areas, History, Castles, Forests, Rivers, wild life, ancient costumes, people and over all… Olive Oil. One of my objectives in this blog is to show Jaen to the world, in the sense of taking care of our natural environment, […]


10 Keys to Select your Olive Oil

Today I will try to show you how to choose an outstanding Olive Oil. Steps we must follow can’t assure an 100% accuracy, but, for sure, it will be more difficult to take a wrong election. I hope these points will help you to select your olive oil   1.-Read the label Initially, it’s mandatory […]


Escabeche Recipes and Preserves

As I wrote in the previous post (Preserving food with Olive Oil), we can use thechniques as escabeche, marinate, adobo, and preserving food ones in order to cook awesome dishes. This is the first post writing about escabeche recipes and Preserving food recipes I hope you will find useful. ASPARAGUS in ESCABECHE 500 GR GREEN […]


How To Preserving Food with Olive Oil

I wanted to show you how to preserving food with olive oil. There are some very useful technics in order to improve food taste, and keep food in a good condition to be eaten months after having been cooked. In fact, this way of treating fish, meat, vegetables, mushrooms etc is experiencing a golden age nowadays, due to […]

little fish

Little fishes swimming in an olive oil sea

Since I started this amazing adventure, my aim was to help little producers of rural areas to improve their visibility. It’s a hard work, because the most of the times, people don’t believe in themselves and you need to give them another point of view. I live in a country punished by this eight years […]


Be Olive Oil My Friend