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little fish

Little fishes swimming in an olive oil sea

Since I started this amazing adventure, my aim was to help little producers of rural areas to improve their visibility. It’s a hard work, because the most of the times, people don’t believe in themselves and you need to give them another point of view. I live in a country punished by this eight years […]


Double serving of Antioxidants: SUPER Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s the first time I write about this new concept, I mean, it’s a new idea which is related to a real product: super extra virgin olive oil. Since the beginning of this blog  I have explained in several ways the categories of Olive Oils in order to give users the basis to understand olive […]


Like water and Oil:Homeopathy and Olive Oil

Mixing Homeopathy and Olive Oil? I won’t  relate Homeopaty and Olive Oil directly. First of all, I want to clarify some issues that make me think about this matter. Medicines ahead of their time Whenever someone starts talking or writing about homeopathy, they appears a lot of conflicting  opinions about it. Indeed, throughout history there have always […]


I think so: Olive Oil Magic

Why olive oil magic?.I always thought that Olive Oil was rounded for a magic world, where there were a lot of old and unknown uses wich only granny knew. Results were shared with all of us  in very little communities, but for a lot of years,  knowledge was very dispersed. Since Internet appeared, these magic  […]


Improve your life via Economy for the Common Good

Have you heard about economy for the common good? Do you know what I am talking about?  Must companies behave worst than people do? Since first time I’ve heard somebody talking about this theory called economy  for the common good, I’ve been thinking how could I apply it and how would it fix to economical relations […]