7 Cold Soups with Olive Oil for a Hot Summer

Ufff, summer is here with all its forces and power.

You have more light hours and you can do a lot of things waiting since Winter.

Your body  and  the whole world’s rythm changes and it’s defiitly exciting.

Don`t miss your train and take advantage of all oportunities you have now to enjoy   spending your free time with family, Friends and our kids.

An amazing way of spending time is in the kitchen.

Take advantage, and prepare within a group of people this serie of dishes I’m going to propose you

All of them are cold soups, perfectly refreshing in summer, full of vitamins and energy, they are light (good for this season) , easy of preparing and they have an incredible taste.

As you know, in summer due to high temperatura, we are less hungry.

These dishes give us a good nutrients intaking and help us to not be dehydrated.

These seven récipes are traditional dishes in  Andalucia in Spain, and they are made with season products.

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