I think so: Olive Oil Magic

Why olive oil magic?.I always thought that Olive Oil was rounded for a magic world, where there were a lot of old and unknown uses wich only granny knew.

Results were shared with all of us  in very little communities, but for a lot of years,  knowledge was very dispersed.

Since Internet appeared, these magic  attributes are being joined by some Olive Oil devotes and evangelists.

Today I will talk about an outstanding e-book I found about these kind of things.

It’s titled Olive Oil Magic, but, what will you find in this book?

  • Olive Oil Magic talks about old uses of olive oil
  • Olive Oil Magic has feelings and personal experiences around olive oil
  • Olive Oil Magic will show you how to prepare traditional dishes with olive oil

And all these tons of magic are provided by  Maria Martinez Olivares, an EVOO lover at the same time than an EVOO evangelist.

As an evidence you can read the following interview.

If you want to check this book, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Enjoy it  as I did. Continue reading