Olive Oil to lose weight

Our secret weapon is also used to fix weight ,do you know how to use Olive Oil to lose weight? I ‘ll tell you how :

Using a fat to remove another ?

Olive oil to lose weight

Initially seems somewhat incongruous to use a fat to eliminate another fat, but nothing is as it seems. Although olive oil this was integrated into the group of dietary fat , is their super food status which confers it the ability to perform these useful work for us.

You really have to clarify that there is no one single fat, basically can be divided into three , visceral fat, neutral fat and brown fat.

The fat really harmful for the functioning of the organism is the visceral fat . This fat is formed by deposits of white fat , which until recently was believed inert , but recent studies show tha it works as a system that acts as another endocrine gland . It works by synthesizing a number of substances that affect our metabolic balance and promote inflammation .

Besides this function , if this visceral fat is excessively accumulated, it press inflaming other organs of the body, that makes them operate in an anomalous way , which may help to weight gain , if the liver functions forced more visceral fat is generated .

olive oil to lose weightolive oil to lose weight

In this case , the olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory components , which help to reduce these stress levels that are subjected to the vital organs which make them forcibly operate . This beaks vicious cycle of continued storage of excess fat because the liver can not work in a normal way. Here is the main way you can use Olive Oil to lose weight : only using it.

Moreover, olive oil is a fat that digests the organism better , is that less oil is absorbed and that less food permeates . Our body needs a daily amount of fat, it is better if your favourite fat is this one .

Olive oil also helps us lose weight due to its kitchen uses and how to use it .

The two main uses of olive oil in the kitchen are for a crude use and for frying food.

• Olive Oil crude :

Olive oil crude has two main benefits.

olive oil to lose weight

1) Improving significantly the taste of vegetables , making an friendlier intake . This makes these foods can be incorporated more satisfactorily by users to their normal diet. Particularly make friendly those that are slightly bitter (according to my theory are those that have more antioxidants ) .

2) Generates feeling of satiety , which regulates appetite , changing the intestine oleic acid in a hormone called oleoylethanolamide that is able to control the appetite , making no more food is needed to eat , and avoiding subsequent temptations to meals.

Furthermore Munich University in a study that revealed this satiety could be strengthened by the smell of EVOO . It give us a revolutionary theory about why is useful Olive Oil to lose weight.

They compared the effects of weight and satiety in groups who consumed four different types of vegetable fats. The result was that performed better volunteers eating EVOO , only later added AOVE smells to food involved in the study and the results were similar.

That’s why I recommend for use in crude way EVOO first cold pressure which keeps intact the optimum flavor and organoleptic properties of the product .

• Olive oil for cooking

Olive oil for cooking is as stated above a protective food because it is which least impregnate them .

1) When food is fried ( W9 because oleic acid ) a crust that prevents the portion of the fat is absorbed is formed, the less impregnated food is the less intaken fat .

2) In many cases Olive Oil is used to give a protective coating to foods before baking , this provides greater protection because it protects but does not block pores , making the transfer of heat to food to more homogeneous . Thus foods are cooked but not impregnated with oil.

 olive oil to lose weight


Contrary to general old believes olive oil gets help to lower weight in several ways:

1) Generating satiety

2) Regulating the digestion

3) Regulating insulin spikes that lead to hunger

4) Protecting food that is cooked without absorbing oil

5 ) Staying vital , regulates blood pressure and makes you more likely to be active

6) Make more appetizing healthy products that are consumed raw or undercooked , helping you follow a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.


My advice :

Use EVOO always better if you use fresh oil , although the pre – envero- oil is more expensive, occasionally try it . Use it also to give a fresh twist to cold (gazpacho, salmorejo, ajoblanco) or cooked (creams , vegetables, etc. ) dishes

Use Virgin Olive Oil to fry , try using dense oils with high smoke point ( olive oil is among those who have higher smoke point ) to keep their properties in various applications , the trick is “IF WHEN YOU USE IN OIL PAN ,OIL GROWS 0.4 INCH(ONE CENTIMETER), IT IS THE IDEAL OIL TO FRY ” (JUAN SANCHEZ SAID)

Use primarily products of small producers , bottled at origin , the closer to the field , the better. Small producers have a lotof things to offer you and you are guaranteed that they play everything on one card : GIVE THE BEST QUALITY TO CONSUMER .

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