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Since first notices about olive oil,it appears related to sex, it’s used in several ways before, during and after sexual encounters. HOW TO OLIVE OIL SEX

Even nowadays, when chemical-made products are used as lubricant  and stimulating instruments, Olive Oil remains as one natural solution in order to make the connection point with your couple, more delight and suggestive.

Olive Oil and general state of the sex-art ( we are the art)

As you know, the entire situation of our organism, make you feel bad or good.

There are a lot of foods which help you to improve your health situation, and our friend Olive Oil is one of them. It has the ability of regulating a lot of organic functions, helping to digestive system, hormonal system, circulatory system, etc to work properly.

For example, Olive Oil help to mantain blood pressure at regular levels, it makes your heart work better, and regulary. In this way, when it’s neccesary, it can do the best for you and for your couple.

I can speak too about hormonal helping given by Olive Oil. As you need fats to produce se hormones, those apported by Olive Oil, when are metabolized, stimulating the production of testosterone and estrogen. All of these hormones are the responsibles of your response and performance at the key moment, and your libido is at its point depending of them too.

Olive Oil is a natural help for your performance, but you also can find here Massage Oils & Lotions to intensify Your Sexual Pleasure!

Concrete uses of Olive Oil and sex

The first time.

Since greeks and romans, Olive Oil was used as a lubricant for sexual acts, but mainly  in the virginity loss, where the lack of using, made that moment a little bit tense, Olive Oil helped to relax everything.

Sex Massage .

Obviously, Olive Oil has been used as a massage liquid giving the true moment a bit of suggestion, the viscosity of Olive Oil has the exact point to be used in this way. Even more, if the temperature of bodies implied into the sexual performance is the optimal, the Olive Oil is reabsorbed by them, making a plus contact point between you and your couple.

You can find a lot of products  (DINAMITE HERE)that can help you in this situation, making it an high voltage moment. PURE DINAMITE

Anal sex.

Used always without condom, Olive Oil is the best one  for this issues, in the same way that ancient Greeks used it.

Sexual Power.

I don’t know if it is a legend, but NACHO VIDAL in person said that his capacity for developing his work being the first one in the world was due to the regular consumption of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL from his little town (named Enguera, in Valencia SPAIN). After that, I think that benefits that Olive Oil give to our circulatory system can give both men and woman power in order to sustain the International Space Station.

Erectile Disfunction.

In the same sense, several studies of Universities as Almeria University in Spain, says that Olive Oil and even tomato can help to prevent and improve erection, lycopen from tomatoes with Olive Oil which help that to be absorbed for our body make the perfect combination.

Vaginal Dryness.

Using five drops of Olive Oil, can help to reduce Vaginal Dryness in order to reduce vaginal hurts during sex performance. This situation make women take intercourse as painful, and nobody wants to have pain (as far as I know).

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I hope this post will be useful for anybody who  will mix Olive Oil and sex.

If yes,I encourage you to make a comment if you know another use in this way, you will be welcomed. If you enjoyed this post, share it for free. thanks

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    • says

      Thanks for commenting Khan, I will try to give you more information about benefits of olive oil and hand-made foods. Natural and love-made products are clearly healthier than industrial ones. we must support them.

      you can ask me for your questions IN the help you menu , i am at your disposal.

    • says

      Thanks for commenting and asking about this interesting issue.

      Olive Oil helps you to improve your blood system, and in this way it mantains your body in good condition for your personal performances, but it doesn’t act as a viagra at all, it is a slow but effective driver.
      talking about Premature Ejaculation, it’s a training issue the most of the cases, it must be due to bad habits , psicological issues or the main of the cases to a poor sexual life in the sense of “not train as much as you need”, but, as I said prior, you can train it and solve it for sure.

      Using Olive Oil will improve your general health state, your mood and your sexual life, but not in the sense of pils, tablets or medicaments in general.

      thanks a lot

  1. Rinaz says

    Hi, I am newly married. I have an erection problem tht its not getting much strong erected, so I used to apply olive oil on the penis and rub it until getting harder. Then only I am getting able for a stronger erection. This thing making me sick and uncomfortable, also my wife not accepting it some times because of it may harm vaginal functions. All I want to know is , does my activity Healthier? if it not how should I get rid of this? Please, give me a solution.

    • says

      Your activity is totally healthy, you and your wife must be sure this behavior isn’t so strange since lots of people around the world do the same thing.

      In the same way, you must use olive oil in your diet, avoid cigarretes and alcohol, make anaerobic exercise twice a week, and over all, keeping practising sex regulary with your wife, she is the main point to reach your objective.

      Please , keep me updated

    • says

      Thanks for your question Zeeshan, I think so.
      as you know Olive Oil help us to reduce bad coholesterol, and as several studies show, it’s related with sperm production.
      In this way, including Olive Oil ( high quality for sure) in your daily way of life will improve sperm counts.

      You can find a lot of information about this issue in the internet, but my answer is: “YES”

      thanks a lot

  2. syed says

    After using this olive oil my penis was entering in my wife’s vagina but also she is getting pain what is reason for getting pain?

  3. j.j986@yahoo.com says

    my wife gets pain during sex.her vaginal secrete is not bad,but still she fells like my penis scratches her vagina.what should we do for having sex without pain?

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